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How sick are you of all that constant noise in and around your home or building? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t stop the infiltration of that sound. It gets in the way of everything and contributes nothing. What would you say about a solution where you could get soundproofing so effective that you will wonder if you have gone deaf?

At Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver, we take soundproofing seriously. It’s not just recording artists and other entertainment professionals that desire a soundproof structure, but ordinary folks like you and me. No one wants to live in a building where they hear what’s going on in the other units, and if you live in a home, isn’t it better to not hear Junior’s annoying music than to constantly yell to turn that noise down?

Here are the advantages your home or building will get with Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver’s soundproofing:

  • Reliability: Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver is an industry leader in spray foam application due to our diligence in making sure that your needs are exceeded
  • Results: When it comes to soundproofing there’s a reason why home owners choose Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver we consistently deliver the best results and not a decibel of sound will go anywhere except where it’s supposed to be
  • Quiet Calmness: For building owners and residents, nothing is more annoying than heavy stepping above you; Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver’s application into ceiling areas eliminates the noise from your upstairs neighbors
  • Ease of Application: Unlike other soundproofers, Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver is in and out quickly – you won’t even notice we’re there 
For soundproofing, there’s really only one solution, let’s have a conversation about your home or building by calling 604-670-7828; we guarantee you’ll like the sound of what we offer!