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When it comes to making movies, spray foam insulation is one of the great enablers of creating amazing sets and providing a vibrant backdrop along with other functional applications that assist with the creation of motion pictures. Whether you are a major Hollywood studio or a small, independent artist seeking to make a mark on the motion picture industry, spray foam insulation has many different applications that will enhance your ability to create dynamic sets to tell an amazing story.

At Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver, we are all about quality, and when it comes to movie sets, our experience with spray foam application sets us apart from the competition. Our professionals understand the needs that you have regarding your movie sets. Regardless of the type of application you need, we can execute it quickly and expertly – your facades will look as if you are shooting on location!

Here are some of the advantages your movie set will experience with Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver:

  • Reliability: The professionalism of Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver means that every part of your movie set requiring our services will be handled with the utmost care and execute your specifications to the letter
  • Confidentiality: What you’re working on is not meant to be broadcast to the world until you’re ready, at Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver we are discreet and respect your time and privacy
  • Prop Molding: Our spray foam technology allows us to mold props of all types for your movies – never worry about not having the right equipment again as we can create anything your imagination conceives
  • Hard Coating: Never worry about the durability of your set again – Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver’s experts make all types of sets strong and durable regardless of if the structure is ridged, smooth, large, or small
  • Unlimited Fabrication Capacity: Do you need a large, jagged set resembling a stone structure or something smooth like adobe buildings? Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver will create all these types of facades and more – you’ll swear you’re looking at the real thing
When it comes to making great movies, you know that a great scene is only as good as the actors and set its shot on. Never compromise on how your set looks! At Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver, our goal is making your vision become reality – and we don’t stop until we accomplish it.

Let’s have a conversation about your movie and how we can turn your vision into action, call our friendly staff today at 604-670-7828 today!