Truck Bed Liner Coating

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Truck Bed Liner Coating Vancouver

Semi-trucks are how goods get shipped throughout the world, and because semi-trucks are in constant use there are many different issues that can arise. One of the major issues is the bedliner. This is one of the most critical pieces of the semi-truck. Regardless of the goods transported, a faulty bedliner could compromise that particular shipment. In instances where specific temperatures are needed in the trailer, the bedliner could allow air intrusion and in the case of food or liquid, compromise the integrity of the product.

At Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver, we understand the importance of customer service – just as your company is the reliable choice to transport goods, we are the company your industry relies on to make sure the transported goods remain in impeccable condition.

Here are the benefits of using Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver for coating the bedliner of your semi-truck:

  • Stability: The goods you transport will stay in the same place they were loaded regardless and won’t move during transport
  • Toughness: Instead of having your bedliner covered in gashes, the flat, even surface will hold up to any load put upon it
  • Intrusion: Air and water intrusion are a thing of the past, your bedliner will remain in great shape
  • Easy Application: Our technicians apply the coating and it dries before our technicians have left the premises
  • Resistant: No matter how intense the sunlight or how driving the rain, your bedliner remains just as sturdy as the day we applied the coating
Don’t let your bedliner compromise your business. Visit or call Spray Foam Insulation Vancouver at (604) 670-7828 to learn how easy it is to get your bedliner protected!